Leasing Fundamentals

Supply of tank cars and specialty hopper cars is the shipper's responsibility. Railroads do not provide these cars due to the specialized nature of these cars, more complex maintenance requirements and limited opportunities to bring in backhaul revenue.

Leasing Benefits

Basically, car supply becomes a case of purchasing the equipment or entering into a lease. Leasing offers:

  • significant financial benefits,
  • a reduction in risk by taking advantage of lease terms with a much shorter duration than expected asset life,
  • the flexibility to manage your fleet size and car mix with changing business conditions,
  • avoidance of many of the administrative and technical burdens that normally would be the responsibility of the owner.

Procor Full Service Leases

In Canada, the vast majority of shippers requiring tank cars will lease the equipment on a full service lease basis. However, full service leases can vary considerably. Take a close look at the level of Procor's value-added services:

  • readily available engineering and technical resources,
  • regulatory compliance support,
  • a repair network that will maximize fleet availability,
  • access to fleet information systems and
  • our commitment to customer service.

Procor's leasing solutions are tailored to your needs, to achieve the lowest total cost.

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