Inspection Services

Use Procor's expert knowledge of rail cars and repair best practices to assess the condition of equipment you lease, own or contemplate purchasing. Interior coating inspections are also available.

All Procor inspection personnel are provided with extensive hands-on training and direct experience with Procor's standards and procedures. Their knowledge includes Transport Canada and U.S. Federal Railway Administration freight car requirements, AAR interchange rules, the AAR Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices, and welding codes.

Our range of on-site services include regularly scheduled pre-trip car inspections at manufacturing locations and terminal operations. The secret to achieving top fleet utility starts with skilled inspection.

On-site repair teams are trained to spot the little problems that can lead to costly shipping delays and they can examine returning cars for transit damage.

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Craig Ruff
Director, Regional Operations - Field Services

Procor offers Canada-wide inspection services

Professional inspections improve fleet efficiency