On-Site Services

For over twenty years, Procor has been promoting the substantial benefits of on-site repairs. On-site repair teams can respond quickly and efficiently, to eliminate fleet downtime and its impact on your operations.

Procor is an industry leader - with its large and growing capability to provide pre-trip inspections and repairs at manufacturing facilities, terminals and transload facilities, and the scope of AAR certified repair services that we can perform.

Our on-site services are tailored to your operational needs and our focus on value-based solutions coexists with our commitment to a safe and healthy work environment.

Customer On-Site Locations

Some customer locations are best serviced by an on-site dedicated to their fleet repair needs. A Procor on-site can produce dramatic savings quickly, using a wide range of repair capabilities to greatly minimize and even eliminate the need to send cars to a main service centre.

Mobile Repair Teams

Often rail car repairs can be performed at a loading point or siding, eliminating the cost, time and administration associated with a car shopping. Procor mobile repair teams are available on either a scheduled or call-out basis.

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Glen Klassen
Repair Projects Business Development Manager
On-Site Services
Tel: 403-431-8111


Repair Services Location map

The combined repair capabilities of Procor and Union Tank Car Company include more than 70 on-site locations. Click here to view Union Tank Car locations.

On-site Internet Article

Maintaining Shipper Rail Car Fleets is a feature article in the Spring / Summer 2014 issue of insidetrack, a publication of The Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers.

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