Technical Services

The Power of Knowledge

Procor has extensive rail car technical knowledge and resources to support its full service leases. These technical capabilities are available to car owners and shippers on a stand-alone basis, when and where required.

Engineering and Maintenance Services

  • Review new car specifications and update as new regulations emerge
  • Inspect new cars from design stage, first off, in process and pre-acceptance
  • Perform quality control audits of component suppliers
  • Review all current and proposed regulations and rules relevant to a fleet (AAR, DOT, FRA, TC etc.), for compliance purposes
  • Submit exemption, special permit and approval applications to regulators
  • Provide major repair or modification project management
  • Reference resources for coating/lining material compatibility and serviceability
  • Inspect coating/lining quality upon application and in-service
  • Provide technical assistance at derailments
  • Joint inspection certificate (JIC) representation


  • Rail car orientation
  • Inbound inspection, loader compliance orientation, and pre-trip/pre-load inspection

To Request Additional Information

Repair Customers:

Craig Ruff
Director, Regional Operations - Field Services
Tel: 403-461-2566

Leasing Customers:

Eastern Canada Sales:
Tel: 905-847-0072
Western Canada Sales:
Tel: 403-264-1773

Review and update car specifications.